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ADCO Law launches a new program called ADCO Law Youth Program (ALYP). Through this new program, ADCO selected hundreds of applicants both students and fresh graduates from top universities in Indonesia. This program is initiated by the firm to regenerate aspiring lawyers for ADCO Law’s next generation lawyers.

Through the ALYP, the participants will be exposed to the real experience of assisting lawyers and Partners in real cases, where they will be involved in various transactions and projects both to hone their skillsets in legal practices and to understand the particular needs of the clients. They will also receive comprehensive Legal Classes covering a wide range of issues from project finance to litigation practices. During the program, the firm will train them through soft-skills development classes and weekly English Classes to enhance their English writing skills and attention-to-detail attitude, which are extremely important foundations for a bright career in lawyering.

“Lawyer regeneration is a priority for our firm, and that leads us to launch the ALYP program. We not only provide them with our programs and classes but also engage our experienced lawyers to be their mentors. The mentorship session will help them recognize their potential and build their confidence to learn and grow”, said Dendi Adisuryo, Managing Partner of ADCO Law.

The participants will also be involved in the firm’s program committees, such as Life & Balance, Equity & Inclusion, People & Development, and Spotlight Committee. The best participants in the ALYP program will also be offered a position in ADCO Law as Junior Associates.

“I am really excited to join the ALYP. Through the program and the classes, I hope that I can gain new experience and perspectives from the mentors and trainers” comments Stephanie Ruriko Sondakh one of ALYP Participants from Universitas Indonesia.


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