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Adimas Wicaksono

Becoming a lawyer is often associated with unlimited working hours. Spending time late at night to work on various documents and cases seems to have become part of the lives of lawyers, especially lawyers in metropolitan cities like Jakarta. Not infrequently, weekends are also used to finish those pending works.


However, this does not apply to Adimas Wicaksono, Middle Associate of ADCO Law. This young and energetic lawyer with many achievements adheres to the principle of work-life balance. For him, the most important thing in life is finding comfort and happiness. “In every human being, there is an empty space that must be filled with other things besides work in order to maintain a balance in life,” he said.


Cycling is his routine activity. Committing to cycling for more than five years, Adimas admits that he has reaped many benefits, both for himself and the people around him. “When I cycle, my body releases endorphins to reduce pain and generate positive energy. Cycling is an effective way to treat depression or stress, both mild and moderate depression. This has had a positive impact on the results of my work, the way I interact with the people around me, and of course it helps build a good relationship between me and my co-workers,” explained Adimas.


Mastering the practice areas of project development, procurement, and construction, Adimas often handles cases and transactions in the oil and gas industry such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) value chain, starting from production planning, LNG cargo, LNG contract negotiations, and LNG implementation. Adimas admits that every job requires a high level of focus and consistency. Interestingly, lawyering and cycling are two things that require focus and consistency. For Adimas, cycling can be a good choice of hobby since it not only maintains health and physical fitness, but also builds a good quality of his personal life.


Adimas has obtained various unforgettable experiences in his activities as a lawyer. “Meeting various characters, being required to adapt quickly, and making mature decisions without rambling. All of them have unique stories that forge me,” he said. “Even with cycling moments, which has helped me to be more mature, for example, when I almost got hit by a bus just because I lost focus for a few seconds. Even though it was only a blink of an eye, the incident hurt me. Since that incident, I have learned that maintaining focus and consistency will maximize the results.”


The principle of work-life balance, for Adimas, does have a significant impact on various aspects of his life, especially in work activities. Cycling improves health and physical fitness. Both are reflected in his life. At ADCO Law, Adimas is a member of the Work Life Balance Committee, a committee initiated to increase awareness regarding work-life balance, through various activities, one of which is regular basketball time.

“To achieve the quality of life that we ​​envision, finding the right balance in everything we do is the key,” he said.


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