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Bengkulu (ANTARA) – Rejang Lebong District’s One-Stop Integrated Services and Investment Services (DPM-PTSP), Bengkulu, said that mining companies operating in the area were required to maintain the state’s infrastructure along the national, provincial and district roads they were passing through.

Head of DPM-PTSP Rejang Lebong, Zulkarnain in Rejang Lebong on Thursday said the operation of a number of mining companies in C sub-district in Rejang Lebong was suspected to be one of the reasons for the damage caused to state roads, provincial roads and district roads in the region.

“We will coordinate with a number of C mining companies that operate in the area and involve relevant agencies, such as transportation and the Rejang Lebong Police to take steps to prevent the roads from being damaged,” he said.

He added that so far, he could not prohibit C mining companies from using state roads and provincial roads because they were under the authority of the province.

“We cannot forbid them from passing through the roads, and we just have to limit the tonnage; for example, for a diesel truck weighing 4.8 tons, if there is an excess of tonnage, the transportation agency can take action,” he explained.

The number of C mining excavation businesses in sand, mountain rocks and river rocks operating in Rejang Lebong has reached 60 companies, although re-registration will still be conducted to find out which ones have permits and which do not.

Based on his party’s data, the number of excavation business C operating in several sub-districts in Rejang Lebong is known to have permits ranging from only 50 percent, while the rest operate without permits from the government.

They will collect this data, in addition to finding out which companies have permits, and increasing the Regional Original Revenue of the mining tax sector which in 2018 was Rp1.4 billion or around 80 percent of the target of Rp1.7 billion.