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(Jakarta, 30/6/2022) After three months participating in various activities in the ADCO Law Youth Program (ALYP), all ALYP members and ADstronauts, ADCO Law’s internal team, officially celebrated the farewell ceremony as a symbol of the end of the ALYP program batch 1. This event was held at the ADCO Law office, Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

ALYP is an exclusive internship program at ADCO Law specifically designed to create an empowered generation in the field of law. Inviting all young people from various universities in Indonesia, both active students and law school alumni, this program has succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of applicants. Evidently, hundreds of students enlivened the selection process last March. Through a series of screenings and interviews, seven applicants made it to the final stage of selection and officially became part of ALYP batch 1.

“ALYP departs from one of our DNA in ADCO Law, the Growth. As a law firm, apart from business development, the growth of human resources is important for ADCO Law. We believe that the involvement of the younger generation will have a significant impact on the growth of our law firm,” said Mila Oktaviani, Office Manager of ADCO Law.

At the farewell ceremony, representing all ALYP mentors, Endah Sulastri, ADCO Law’s Senior Legal Counsel, and Mehfta Zubhin, ADCO Law’s English Specialist, gave a speech. During the three-month internship period, with the guidance of mentors consisting of associates and English Specialists, all ALYP members have the opportunity to be directly involved in various transactions and cases.

They also have the opportunity to understand the latest legal updates in every practice area of ADCO Law. This is done through classroom learnings and discussions, from mining law classes, construction, mergers and acquisitions, to commercial litigation classes. ADCO Law also regularly holds English classes to hone their skills in handling transaction documents and agreements, including in negotiating effectively with global clients.

ALYP Program

At the end of the ceremonial session, Dendi Adisuryo, Partner of ADCO Law delivered certificates and assessment reports to the seven ALYP members. ADCO Law also gives an opportunity for one of the selected ALYP members, Izaldi Fikri and Raisya Tjahjaningtiyas to fill the position as a Junior Associate at ADCO Law. This offer is expected to further increase the enthusiasm of the new generation in the field of law to always take every advantage of opportunities with integrity in the context of self-development at a young age.

As a sustainable regeneration program, ALYP will continue to be held. Monitor and visit ADCO Law’s website and social media for more information.


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