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(Jakarta, Tuesday 26th July 26 2022) Focusing on representing business actors and providing legal advice to the Government regarding infrastructure development and financing, ADCO Law as a full services law firm successfully held ADCOTalks, a regular discussion program that examines the latest issues from the legal point of view and its impact on business. Today, raising the title “Synergy of Government and Business Entities in Accelerating Infrastructure Development”, Adimas Wicaksono , Legal Counsel of ADCO Law, explained the investment return and guarantee system through the Government Cooperation with Business Entity (PPP) scheme, as well as things that need to be considered by business actors (Tuesday, 26/7/22).

As known that infrastructure development will bring benefits to the community, not only creating new jobs, facilitating the traffic of goods and services and people, but also promoting economic equity. In the effort to provide infrastructure for public needs, a number of challenges often arise, one of which is the limited budget, which includes preparation costs, development costs, maintenance, and operational mechanisms. Responding to these challenges, the Government has introduced an alternative for infrastructure project procurement through the Government and Business Entity Cooperation mechanism or more commonly known as Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Through this mechanism, the Government encourages the private sector to directly engage in infrastructure development.

Moderated by Gabriela Riwu Kore , Legal Counsel of ADCO Law, Adimas and Hasrul, Head of Section for the Preparation of Government-Business Cooperation Projects (KPBU), Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, brought the audience closer to understanding the comparison between the country’s infrastructure needs and the development budget. Comprehensively, the two panelists explained the PPP scheme, which is expected to be able to succeed in various Government plans in providing a variety of adequate infrastructure services to the public in a more effective, efficient, accountable, and sustainable manner.

Adimas ADCO Law

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“All that we are doing with the government in providing adequate infrastructure is solely for the progress of Indonesia,” said Adimas on the sidelines of his presentation.

ADCO Law has been trusted by clients in various infrastructure projects, either representing business actors or providing legal advice to the Government. 

ADCOTalks is a routine program held by ADCO Law as a platform for every stakeholder to meet and discuss. ADCO Law not only presents its legal counsels to discuss legal risks related to various kinds of corporate actions but also consistently brings key persons from the Government and the business sector to enrich the insights.


ADCO Law earns the trust to represent clients from multinational companies to emerging entities across a wide range of industries to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia.


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