Law Firm

The term law firm is not something new in our daily life although not many people know what a law firm really does for sure. If examined literally, a law firm is firm that prectices legal assistance. So, a law firm is a firm that provides legal services or aids in the field of law.

Usually, a law firm is formed by several lawyers aiming to provide legal assistance. The legal aid offered also varies from civil to criminal matters either through a litigation process in court, or a non-litigation process outside court.

Law Firm Categories

Law firms can be categorized based on the number of lawyers hired and the type of legal  assistance provided. For more details, here is the explanation:

Law Firm

1. Based on the Number of the Lawyers

To form a law firm, at least one active lawyer is registered. Law firms can be distinguished based on the number of lawyers:

  • Solo/single law firm, which consists of one registered lawyer who often provide legal advice, assistance and representation in general matters. However, it is very common that there are law firms that only deal with special matters, such as patents. 
  • Medium law firm, which employs two to ten lawyers with a variety of more complex cases. For complex and difficult cases, lawyers can collaborate to form a team to work together.
  • Large law firm, which usually has more than ten lawyers. Large law firm can hire hundreds of people as lawyers, paralegals, administrative officers, human resources, public relations and many more. Law firms this big usually provide a wide variety of legal aid services.

2. Based on the Type of Legal Assistance

Aside from the number of lawyers, a law firm is also distinguished from the type of legal assistance provided. Lawyers who work in each of these types of firms mostly already have the necessary experience. Law firms categorized based on the types of Legal Assistance provided are as follows:

  • Litigation law firms , which provide legal assistance to clients in legal proceedings of criminal cases in court. The role of litigation lawyers is not to acquit the guilty parties from punishment, but to make sure they get their rights before the law. 
  • Corporate and commercial law firms , which focus more on business administration matters, such as company establishments, mergers and acquisitions.

Law Firm

Not many people have direct contact with law firms in their daily life. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many who need the services of a law firm. Law firm is something that society needs for one and many purposes, especially to assist in legal matters both in civil or criminal cases and in the company’s business activities that are related to law.

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