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Focusing on the increasingly rapid pace of business growth and development, ADCO Law, as a full services law firm   successfully held ADCO Talks, a regular discussion program that examines the latest issues from a legal point of view and their impact on business.  Bringing up a discussion entitled “Urgency of Legal Risk Mitigation and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Industrial Relations, Morales Sundusing , Legal Counsel ADCO Law, explained the legal anticipation to minimize disputes in business (Thursday, 9/6/22).

As we know, the Government has simplified various regulations and regulatory frameworks in order to promote national economic growth. Through the issuance of the Job Creation Law and a series of implementing regulations, the Government has set new standards related to employment concepts and regulations in order to expand job opportunities for all Indonesian workers. This certainly needs to be a concern for all business actors and workers because conflicts between the two are very likely to occur. Morales, through his presentation, explained to the entire audience regarding the subject, object, and types of Industrial Relations Disputes. He also described the mechanism and process of resolving Industrial Relations Disputes, such as rights disputes and layoffs, through the Industrial Relations Court, as well as the potential risks and the mitigations in resolving Industrial Relations Disputes.

“Although the industrial relations disputes are closely related to the civil law, there are very special things that are not known in pure civil law. Through ADCO Talks, Ms. Myra and I helped the business actors to understand it better,” said Morales.

ADCO Talks

Dendi Adisuryo (above-left), Managing Partner of ADCO Law moderated the ADCO Talks discussion entitled The Urgency of Legal Risk Mitigation and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Industrial Relations on Thursday (9/6/2022) with the two panelists, Morales Sundusing (above-right), ADCO Legal Counsel Law, and Myra M. Hanartani (below) Chair of APINDO's Regulatory and Institutional Relations Committee.

Not only involving the ADCO Law’s Legal Counsel, in this ADCO Talks, ADCO Law also collaborated with the Indonesian Employers’ Association (APINDO) to provide understanding regarding the application of the rule of law from the perspective of business actors. Myra M. Hanartani, Chair of APINDO’s Regulatory and Institutional Relations Committee, discussed APINDO’s role in developing harmonious and productive industrial relations to mitigate disputes.

“I am very grateful, the topic of disability was also brought up in this discussion. This is one way to realize Indonesia’s dreams of an inclusive workplace,” said Myra.

At the opening of the talk, Dendi Adisuryo, ADCO Law’s Partner also the moderator of this event said that, with more than one decade of experience, ADCO Law has successfully handled various types of employment issues.

“We have earned the trust to represent clients, from multinational companies to new entities, across various industries, to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia,” Dendi said.

A series of experiences in assisting disputing parties, both employers and employees, has been successfully carried out, starting from industrial disputes, Termination of Employment (PHK) to Work Formalities. Moreover, ADCO Law is also trusted by one of the largest social institutions in the Asia Pacific region to provide legal advice in mitigating risks related to severance packages in accordance with Indonesian employment law. Furthermore, Dendi also mentioned that ADCO Law is committed to guiding companies to always comply with regulations and assisting them with thorough investigations of all business and legal risks.

“We are committed to helping entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of competition in the global economy,” he said.

ADCO Talks is regularly held every month by presenting ADCO Law’s legal counsels along with other experts. In each online presentation, for one hour and thirty minutes, ADCO Talks consistently provides legal perspectives on various hot issues with the aim of enriching the insights of the audience who are not only from legal backgrounds.


ADCO Law earns the trust to represent clients from multinational companies to emerging entities across a wide range of industries to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia.


ADCO Law as a  Law Firm  in Jakarta assists the clients to structure, organize and implement their business ventures and investments, including structuring, financing, and securing investments as well as establishing new foreign companies in Indonesia. 

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