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ADCO Law dan ALSA Indonesia

Focusing on improving the quality of generations in the legal field, through the signing of the cooperation agreement on Wednesday (15/6/2022), ADCO Law has officially bocame a strategic partner of ALSA Indonesia. The signing of this cooperation agreement was represented by Dendi Adisuryo, Managing Partner of ADCO Law, and Tanisha Zharfa Maharani, President of ALSA Indonesia at the ADCO Law office, South Jakarta.


This collaboration is based on the awareness of both parties regarding the importance of quality legal education. As a law firm, ADCO Law realizes that regeneration is important for a law firm to get the best talents, who are expected to be able to continue the leadership of the firm. Meanwhile, as an organization that becomes home of thousands of law students in Indonesia, ALSA Indonesia always strives to improve the academic abilities of each member.


Both parties have agreed to contribute to improve the quality of legal education, including through cooperation in organizing legal discussions and competitions, internship programs through the ADCO Law Youth Program (ALYP), and providing quality legal education content consisting of legal articles and other informative content, which will be published on social media and website of both parties.


Dendi Adisuryo in his speech said that this collaboration is ADCO Law’s commitment to contribute to the quality of legal education and firm regeneration.


According to our firm’s historical fact, some of our best lawyers were born from ALSA Indonesia, either from the organization or from legal competitions organized by ALSA Indonesia. Through this collaboration, in addition to the firm’s regeneration purpose, this is our effort to stay relevant and get closer to law students. We are convinced that this partnership can help us continue to be able to provide quality legal education for the wider community” said Dendi.


ALSA Indonesia is a home for thousands of law students and a part of ALSA International. ALSA International accommodates law students throughout Asia i.e., there are 17 (seventeen) member countries consisting of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Macau , Myanmar and India. In Indonesia, ALSA has 14 (fourteen) Local Chapters from various state universities with more than 6000 active members and 9000 alumni.